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The first live streaming platform built around truly real time interactivity. Our streams are warp speed, our chat is blazing, and our community is thriving. We're launching soon, but you can get your account setup early and learn more about us below!

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Warp Speed Streaming
It's even faster than light.

Our fastest streaming technology is built on open standards and gives your streams unimaginable levels of interactivity. We're constantly pushing the boundaries of live video and of course, it's open source.

Community Driven.
Built by the community, for the community.

Community is one of our main focuses at Glimesh and we make sure to include you in every step of the way. We host staff meetings live on our platform every Tuesday that are open to everyone and if there's a feature you wish we had, you can collaborate on our open source codebase to create it!

Subscriptions for Everyone.
Level the playing field.

Subscription buttons shouldn't be restricted for a particular group of streamers. Everyone who can verify their identity and bank information will receive a subscription button for their stream.
For launch, subscriptions will only be enabled in the US.