i’ll stream when i can what i can,i am who i am if people don’t like it don’t watch it,i have a rude vocabulary i speak my mind and don’t beat around the bush if i offend it’s not intentional it’s just who i am just a down to earth guy looking to entertain or interact with what ever or who ever is around at the moment,the moment being you may not get again with whoever or what ever at the time so you just make it what you feel is good for you or me weather it be good or bad who cares it’s a moment never to be duplicated with the same person or persons ever again unless intentionally pursued,confrontation i can handle i’m not big or small but if you want to fuck about let’s go ;) win or loos there’s never a winner just sad or happy circumstances like my motto goes I AM WHO I AM IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT FUCK YOU.love me or hate me i don’t care and my wife loves this attitude,it defines me I KNOW WHO I AM the question is DO YOU ;) love and peace to all every color brown green black blue purple pink humans are humans we are all the same inside life is short don’t waist it ;)