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The name be Eddie but my peeps know me as AltaVida (HighLife) Im here to take the stress from adulthood away. Gaming is something i never thought of sharing with you all. Im a competitor at heart but i use this time to relax and have some fun conversations

AltaVida is not just my gamertag but a way of life. Direct translation from Spanish is HighLife, either living life high (420) or living life to the highest (fullest).

  • Instagram: Altavida33
  • TikTok: Altavida33
  • Twitter: Altavida33

MonDaze- 10pm-??? TuesDaze- 10pm-??? WednesDaze- OFF ThursDaze- 09pm-??? FriDaze- 10pm-??? SaturDaze- 10pm-??? SunDaze- 09pm-???