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LunasteriaLivia 15:32:24 :
That cool
LunasteriaLivia 15:34:09 :
Very aesthetic lol
LunasteriaLivia 15:35:24 :
That one big cursor lol
LunasteriaLivia 15:36:30 :
this game is very cool lol
LunasteriaLivia 15:38:43 :
Lol virtual pet lol

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Heyo! I’m Ash, a dream cartographer vtuber! I like to stream niche/indie games and try my hand at drawing/programming when I feel like being creative!

I used to stream only on Twitch, but I feel like I can try my hand at more experimental and audacious stuff in here, so stay tuned!

Usually streaming random stuff on Saturdays at 20:00 CET/CEST

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