I go by Atoms!!! I am a father, husband, and gamer. My personality is shy, sarcastic, and a little bit awkward!! The games I play range from RPGs, FPS, Horror, and Survival games. I am always looking to meet some like minded gamers to play with. I grew up on NES and My Top 3 games are (in order) Final Fantasy VII, Megaman 3, and Zelda: A Link to the Past!!!

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Join the Divided We Fall Gaming Discord!! We are a small community (but growing) of genuinely caring, helpful, and amazing people. We are all gamers and are always looking for more members to squad up with!!!!

The Following link is for all things Divided We Fall Gaming (DWF). Here you will find the DWFG Creator videos, podcasts, and links to all the content creators for DWF!!!

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All my socials are down below!! Follow YouTube for clip videos (highlights, lowlights, scares) and some general shenanigans!!! Follow Twitter to stay up to date on stream happenings (new videos, live updates). Follow Instagram to see some clips and some more personal stuff like me and my kiddos!!!

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