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Hey you! Yeah you! If you’ve made it this far I can only assume you’re either bored or insane. Either way I’m happy you decided to stop by.

Im Marcus, 32 from the UK and first and foremost, I suck at gaming and I have this overwhelming urge to prove it to you.

On this channel you’ll likely find me painting Warhammer40k models or playing either Sea of Thieves or Destiny 2. As well as anything else that may take my fancy.


Pretty Simple. Don’t be a dick. Be awesome! Being awesome includes:

NO Homophobia/Transphobia NO Racism NO bullying of any kind

Any Flouting of these rules will result in an immediate and permanant ban. Banter is fine as long as thats all it is. We’re all adults here (18+stream) and should be able to take a joke. Please be respectful of these rules and we’ll be just fine.