Tech Making Kobold Chat Encounters | MIU Botwork Stream

Tech Making Kobold Chat Encounters | MIU Botwork Stream
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Banjax 16:15:06 :
Yep. WHole PC froze so now I'm all like fuck it
GoreGamer 16:18:11 :
Banjax 16:21:52 :
I went for a break then my PC froze and since I was already bummed out today that was the last straw so now I couldn't be arsed streaming rn
GoreGamer 16:22:13 :
i know the feeling
Banjax 01:42:39 :

About Banjax's Stream

Hi, I’m Banjax. I’m an Irish man in his 30s with an interest in games, music and just general silliness. I used to stream on Mixer but then I continued as an affiliate on Twitch due to the demise of my Mixer home.

When do I stream?

Could be any day or time. I refuse to stress over it. Plenty of other amazing streams on this platform to check out anyways!

What do I stream?

Typically I stream as a variety streamer so who knows for sure but here’s a word thingy of my current favourite Steam games:


Using Streamloots & Mix-It-Up I offer the unique experience of chat pets you can hatch, pet, feed, evolve, etc. Read the design doc here:

◈━━◈━━◈ GLIMESH GRAVEYARD ◈━━◈━━◈




  • 1 Strange Egg
  • 3 Credits
  • 5 Streamloots Packs
  • !slap Command



Command Usage
!check <name> Check details of said pet
!clip Save last 60 seconds as a clip
!credits Check currency amount
!d20 Roll a random number between 1 & 20
!dr <number> Deathroll
!eat Heal 1 hp (requires a Flavour Bean)
!feed <name> <food*> Feed specific food to said pet (requires a Flavour Bean)
!gif <gif> Overlay a gif (requires a .gif link)
!givecredits <user> <amount> Give said user your credits
!hatch <new name> Attempt to hatch a pet with said name (requires a Strange Egg & matching Glimesh/Streamloots usernames)
!hits Check your chat hp (aka hits)
!honk Trigger goose easter egg
!inv Check your inventory
!kennel <user> List pets of said user
!lurk Trigger lurk animation
!market Find/buy/sell items
!pet <name> Pet said pet
!slap <user> Deal 1 damage to said user
!switch <name> Summon said pet


Shoe Bug Piece of bacon Raw steak
Child’s homework Sausage Bowl of kibble Bowl of water
Bowl of vodka Glimdrop Grilled peanutbutter sammich Fuckton of cocaine
Spicebag Potato Pig’s ear Cottage pie
Bowl of mashed potatoes Pack of taytos Bowl of coddle Raw fish
Bag of chips Single leaf of lettuce Mac and cheese