Hi, I’m Banjax. I’m an Irish man in his 30s with an interest in games, music and just general silliness. I used to stream on Mixer but then I continued as an affiliate on Twitch due to the demise of my Mixer home.

When do I stream?

Could be any day or time. I refuse to stress over it. Plenty of other amazing streams on this platform to check out anyways!

What do I stream?

Typically I stream as a variety streamer so who knows for sure but here’s a word thingy of my current favourite Steam games:


Using Streamloots & Mix-It-Up I offer the unique experience of chat pets you can hatch, pet, feed, evolve, etc. Read the design doc here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V0H5I3tT_m3EbH0egkb1DcZX26HaGSls/view?usp=sharing

◈━━◈━━◈ GLIMESH GRAVEYARD ◈━━◈━━◈