About Me

Hey! I’m Ray! Stream viewer by day, streamer by…other day.

I’m a mid-20s year old ftm gaymer living in the middle of the United States (Central Time). Feel free to ask any questions you think of!

Donate Here!

All donations will go to bettering the stream (upgrades, giveaways, games, etc) unless otherwise noted!

Game List

This stream, for the time being, will consist of a variety of games.

I enjoy RPGs, MMOs, puzzle games, platformers, and I’m getting back into shooters after not playing FPS for ~10 years.


Ori (1/2), Unravel, Phasmophobia, Valorant, and others as I come across them!


Exclusives a la Uncharted, Spider-Man, TLOU

XBOX Series X:

Anything in Game Pass is up for grabs, Cyberpunk, Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Overwatch

I have a Switch and may or may not stream using it if I can figure it out. lol