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BeholdTheFallout: 15:40:13
BeholdTheFallout: 15:40:40
fuck off gilgamesh
BeholdTheFallout: 15:41:30
i think its time to turn off the ps5 i still haven't put a game on its been nearly 5 hours
BeholdTheFallout: 15:42:18
we can chill in discord if you want man
BeholdTheFallout: 15:42:51
in general or just a standard call

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Hey I’m BenZilla, I’m just a guy out looking to make new friends to share my gaming shenanigans with. If you are expecting high level pro game play, you’re in the wrong place. ;p

I’m a variety streamer and I mainly play console games because I’m a filthy casual and I have been since I was about 4 years old. I am open to suggestions on new games to play so anything you would like to see me stream please let me know.

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