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Hi all! Thank you for stopping by on my channel. Really appreciated it. Hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy. Anyway, as a video content creator, I also have some rules.

  1. No bullying! Bullying is a really low thing to do to someone else. I don’t tolerate bullies and bullies will automatically get ban.

  2. NO Politics! I’d like to stay away from politics. Politics world is messy and I don’t want to bring any bad vibes on my channel.

  3. No religions! I understand all of us has it’s own different believe about Jesus or not. I respect everyone’s believe. My self is a Christian too, I have my own faith but I respect someone’s faith and believe as well. It’s just when you bring religions to an online community, most of the time it doesn’t turn out well. Argument’s will start and it will for sure end up chaotic. Lets have this channel stay harmonious and fun.

  4. NO SPAMMING!SPAMMERS will automatically get ban as well.

  5. Tips and subscriptions is highly accepted. Thank you all so much and hope you will have fun. Sending you all kisses and hugs!!