♥ Hiiii, I’m Brit! ♥

♥ GCT and Event Team Minion and “good egg”: if you have questions, I’ll get you an answer!

♥ Are you maybe planning a big streaming event for your channel? You should let me know!

Go to https://glimesh.tv/events and click “Submit Event”. Your event could be featured on the homepage and Glimesh will tweet about it! ♥

♥ If you’re having issues with your stream, check this out, hurry, fast:



OR join our discord and open a ticket for a one on one troubleshoot with the devs! :> Always want to make sure everything is working, of course!

♥ I love our community! I try to float around all your streams and help and hype as needed! ♥ If I randomly stop talking, it’s probably because I got distractified at home. /momlife /professionalurk

As far as the stuff I stream.. ♪ ..

♥ I’ll be streaming whatever game my busy brain needs to play, whenever I have the guts to stream it! ♥ I do love me some rhythm games and platformers, and now I’m really into spooky games too, but yeah, I.. mostly just play what I want.

♥ My streams are random; I might tweet about it. I might not. Whether or not you show up only determines how much you love me and value my entire existence; no pressure. ♥