♥ GCT and Event Team Minion: if you have questions, I’ll get you an answer!

♥ If you’re having issues with your stream, check this out:



OR join our discord and open a ticket for a one on one troubleshoot with the devs! :>

♥ I love our community! I try to float around all your streams and help and hype as needed! ♥ If I randomly stop talking, it’s probably because I got distractified at home. /momlife /lurk

♥ Life-long Gamer

♥ Variety random; this is what you’ll likely catch me doing!

  • Beat Saber/Pistol Whip workouts
  • Animal Crossing chores and random Switch games
  • Xbox games with my homies
  • Playing something spooky
  • NOT PVP lol (I stink!)

♥ My streams are a secret; I won’t tell anyone when I’m streaming. :3 lol