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Ahoy there! I am CaptainFenhu (Cap or Fen to most.)

I’m a Variety Streamer and Rookie Game Influencer and perhaps one day Twitch Partner (Though that is a goal miles away for now!)

I am something of a positivity pusher, or try to be by trade, I work aiming to push Charities to the forefront of my Streams, helping those I can; Macmillan Cancer Research, Make-A-Wish, Best Friends Animal Society, Project Hope: Yemen, Hurricane Laura Relief & More.

I am also affiliated with companies like Humble Bundle, who support charities and good endeavours, and Rogue Energy which promote a clearer, more focused, healthy mind to those who game, and enjoy doing so!

Whether joining in on community days, or simply relaxing in chat, or lurking, as I make a fool of myself - you’ll always be appreciated here, for simply being you.

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