Tech Gimesh4j Development!

Tech Gimesh4j Development!
Java API Library
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About Chew's Stream

Hello there! I am Chew.

I was introduced to this platform by one of the devs and was excited to see the future of it ever since.

I plan on actually streaming, as I was not quite old enough to do it when Mixer (formerly Beam) started. Now that I’m old enough to both do taxes (not know how to do them) and actually stream, I might actually do it!

For a little more about me, my name’s Olivia, I’ve always wanted to become a streamer, but never had the time, and felt overwhelmed to do it on such a large platform like Twitch.

I plan on updating this soon. If you see this, bother me to update it, thanks!

Here’s my cat, Rory.rory

I have a few rules.

  1. No being mean I will promise not to be rude if you promise to not be rude. We are all here to have fun!

  2. No swearing! Swearing may seem cool, but I think we can be entertaining without needing it. Sadly, some people aren’t comfortable with swearing, but they’re still people I would love to see in my stream!

  3. Rory is my cat She is a very good cat. Compliment her if you choose.