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Naming option opening soon! We need to sort through some things first, but your chance to give one of these chickens a name is coming soon! All suggestions will have to be given the OKAY as vulgar or inflammatory names will NOT be accepted.

#1 Henrietta Lange (Named by DarkestLivia) keeps a tight schedule with the other chickens. Being in charge of the NCIS(National Chicken Investigative Service) is a tough job, but someone’s gotta cluckin do it.

#2 Mileena (Named by Berri) princess of the other world, you know she means business when her mask comes off

#3 The force is strong in Princess Lay-A (Named by Qwheelz). Her strength is that of the resistance!

#4 Chun-Li (Named by Berri) Don’t let this small bird fool you, she’s got legs that can destroy a small car!

#5 Clarice (Named by unknown) is the only hen that will let you touch her beak. But only from below her eye level.

#6 MC Nugget (Named by Longplay_Games) follow her on Tiktok for the freshest peeps, no cap! Guest spots by Lil Beaky (yet to be named)

#7 Spike (rooster) is the smaller of our two new roosters. He is the most social of the bunch.

#8 Icarus (Named by GhostNappa): She flew too high and we had to put the top of the food container on. She loves perching on the brooder just out of site and using her wings to cross the cage in an instant!

*9 Say hello to iLean! She was born with some leg issues, but has been thriving with the rest of the flock.

#10 Lady Bogle (Named by Beigal) does not cluck around! After all, she is a lady!

#11 Durentius (Named by Banjax) is a master of zoology and and has even convinced the other hens she flew to the moon and back through the use of magic!


#13 YoYo (Named by DaftMonk) She just likes to say “Yo” all the time. Seriously, be happy there’s no audio because it sounds like it’s on loop.

#14 Hrrroger (rooster named by DaftMonk) got his name from a D&D test session for Draconians. It was a good time.


#16 Sandwich (Named by GhostNappa) NO! You can’t eat me! But you can eat my eggs when I’m older :)