Music Lofi Hiphop and Chill with Live Fish Cam

Music Lofi Hiphop and Chill with Live Fish Cam
Chill Music lofi chill hip hop Chill Vibes Lo-fi hiphop Aquarium betta shrimp
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ChocolateMouse 18:32:46 :
Someday there will be a frog cam
DiRTSpinx 18:32:59 :
omg nice cant wait
DiRTSpinx 18:33:05 :
i like turtles aswell
ChocolateMouse 18:33:08 :
Thanks for the follow!
DiRTSpinx 18:33:35 :

About ChocolateMouse's Stream

Welcome, I’m Mouse a queer pagan lady living on a farm. I do a number of streams, including some under Not A Real Gamer Girl (feminist gaming, reviews and hot takes), some under Homesteading and Hedgewitchery, and the occasional animal cam streams. Thanks for watching!


Lofi Hiphop and Chill with Live Fish Cam

This is a series of DMCA Free and Copyright Free Music set over a live feed of my aquarium. The fish inside is a blue female Betta named Cthula. She lives with some Amano shrimp that are transparent and hard to get on film and several live plants. You can leave a follow or comment in the chat and I will give her a snack on the live feed. She will chase her snack across the glass at the front of the tank before it’s deposited in from above. I check in for comments every several minutes, so please be patient. Check the chat for updates.

Not a Real Gamer Girl

I’m not a “real” gamer girl, being that I’m actually just a talented mouse made out of chocolate. This is usually just live gaming of whatever I’m playing at the time. Frequent appearances from ARK: Survival Evolved and Amnesia. Occasional feminist hot-takes about games.

Homesteading and Hedgewitchery

Videos and vlogs dedicated to living the life of a homesteading hedgewitch. Gardening, small livestock, permaculture, native plants, and how they can be incorporated into secular witchcraft practices as well as tours of the small farm. Cultural appropriation is discouraged and handled with care.

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