Gaming Regularly scheduled mediocre shmuppin'

Regularly scheduled mediocre shmuppin'
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Welcome to chat! Follow the rules.

About CnEY's Stream

Welcome! I’m CnEY (pronounced “Kenny”), a web developer by day and a gamer/musician in my spare time.

Here are the times you can expect to see streams (all times US Eastern):

  • Sat-Sun (FPS): ~8PM
  • Thu (shmup book club): ~8:30PM
  • Other nights (irregularly / when available): ~9:30PM

I now have a site where you can find all of my links and info about stream projects!

  • Keep chat respectful, constructive, and stress-free. We’re here to chill and have fun.
  • No backseating, no spoilers. If I’m playing a game for the first time, it’s very possible you know more about the game than I do. I’d appreciate keeping details to yourself in advance so that I can experience them first-hand and react naturally.
  • Assume open questions during first playthroughs are rhetorical unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  • If you’re severely tempted to provide a hint, ask permission first.