Welcome I’m just a simple person that likes to stream as a hobby. I am socially challenged discussing various topics with chat and upholding a conversation may possibly be difficult. Therefore I have no desire to form a community or to be part of another, I am already happy with the small circle of friends that I surround myself with.

The idea of Glimesh has given me a fresh start and I respect the community base it has created that made this happen. Hoping it reaches its goals in the future and becomes a more stable brilliant home for other communities alike as a guest here I must respect my host along with their rules.

Now what will I stream? It’s purely a random box it can be anything and yet there are favourite’s that I consist on doing which will likely appear on stream.

My likely genres in relation to streaming are:

  • RPG
  • FPS

You are welcomed as the same for your entry and departure, peace!

My First Stream on Glimesh: 17 March 2021 7.30pm-1pm Battlefront2/ESO

Warning 18+/Mature-content!

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