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The Pplz Party Is A Variety Stream, Hosted By Me Your Bro. OG Big D-Co! And I’m A… · Child Of God · Father Of 2 · Military Veteran · Childhood Trauma Survivor · Covid Defeater -&- · Cancer Warrior Who’s Been Through A LOT & No Matter How Hard It’s Gotten, I Still Keep On Rockin’!

So, If You’re Like Me, The Pplz Party’s Where You Wanna Be! Because This Party Don’t Die We In Here Celebrating Life! · Twitch, Glimesh, Trovo, & Dlive: DCo_LOV3Z_Streaming · YouTube: D-Co LOV3Z · Facebook: OG BigD-Co

Shoots, Spooks, Puzzles & Adventures Games, Etc


So, I Appreciate Your Understanding & Patience, To Excuse The Current Inconsistent Schedule. I Am Constantly Having Appointments, & Am Receiving Chemotherapy Treatments Almost Daily

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