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Gaming Saturday morning drive come join

Saturday morning drive come join
Forza Horizon 5 Car Racing Game

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Frozdy 14:55:34 :
If so, try and go into the settings and change NVENC to h.264 or the other way around.
Frozdy 14:56:06 :
and see if that helps
Frozdy 14:57:15 :
NVENC or OpenGL to h.264 or the other way around*
Frozdy 14:58:35 :
settings > output > stream > encodet
Frozdy 15:02:35 : You MIGHT have to stop streaming to change :(

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Gaming has always been fun to get lost in the worlds u play in. Way to many to remember. I enjoy the single players the most but in to co-op game play. I am part of team R.A.M.(Random Awesome Media) come check us out come chat always willing to talk sports played sports my whole life and can watch just about any sporting event. Check out our Youtube page

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