Hi my name is Justin/DefScythe. I am a variety streamer/content creator. I wouldn’t be here if it was not for my community. My fellow Scyther’s have helped me break from my shell and become the person I am now. I LOVE everything gaming and just want to spread a positive message. Be Happy and Kind and let’s build something Amazing here on Glimesh.

Drop by in the chat and ask me anything. Always willing to help give advice or even just be an ear for you to release some steam. We all have those days.

Games: I am a variety streamer. I play anything that just interest me. Kingdom Hearts, Rogue Company, Ghost of Tsushima, Apex, Dynasty Warriors, CIV 6, Total War: Three Kingdoms are just to name a few. You will see a lot of Warzone here that I put about 33 days into.

Hope you come in and just have a great time whether it’s for the games or for the content I put out. Can’t wait to get this community rolling on a site that cares about it’s viewers and streamers.

See you SOON!!!!

Here is a link to the music I use that you can purchase for yourself. https://www.gasynthwave.com/. I do not own rights to the music but was given Explicit Special Permission from Game Attack to use.

I also use Pretzel Rocks. A Free website for non copyrighted music. Created it for Streamers and Content Creators in mind. https://www.pretzel.rocks/

If you would like to donate here is my link. https://www.streamelements.com/defscythe

If you want to join our discord so you know when I go Live and chat with other community members. Here’s the link. https://discord.com/invite/8h6n5WQhzw

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