Welcome to Pecker (WoodPecker) nation.

I started my streaming career on Twitch many years ago and made the move to Mixer. There I met so many cool people and built an awesome supportive community. I’ve been on Trovo for awhile now and love how personable and supportive the community is there. That brings me to Glimesh where I feel it has the potential to change the face of streaming platforms and bring great opportunities to large and small streamers alike. Bringing back that Mixer feeling. Personally I am a husband to my true love and father of three awesome kids…Life is busy…but that’s what keeps us feeling alive! Enjoy you’re stay!


  • Monday-Friday 9am-3pm

  • Saturday- Off

  • Sunday- Off

All times PST. Weekend streams happen here and there based on events and IRL things.


Amazing community members who have subbed or donated to the channel

  • HellionTV
  • A_Mayan
  • RudeBoy
  • Defuse
  • Laurenrenniee
  • Dirtybrdsbiggestfan
  • irish_potato
  • SquirtyBrd
  • Barcxde
  • LuchoVena
  • TheNakedPanda
  • talionswaggin
  • MicaSmith11B
  • JJDrew

PC and other hardware

New PC

  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700x

  • EVGA GeForce RTX FTW3 Hybrid 2080 super

  • 32 GB RAM

  • Fractal Design CPU cooler and Meshify C case

  • AverMedia Live Gamer 4K internal capture card

Old PC

  • AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core 4.00 GHz

  • 16 GB RAM

  • MSI GEForce GTX 1060

Console X Box Series X

Streaming Hardware

  • GoXLR

  • ElGato Stream Deck

  • Rode Procaster Mic

  • Logitech C920 web cam


  • BenQ GL2460 x2

  • Samsung U28 E series

  • LG 27UL-500