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  • Hey there everyone! Thanks for stopping by <3

  • Here’s something about Sarah

  • Sarah is working along side the Mental Health Foundation where all donations go directly to them via PayPal <3

  • Sarah is a 29 year old passionate gamer from god’s own country which is Yorkshire

  • Dad jokes are her thing - Sarcasm and constant laughing is the best

  • Sarah is a UK console xbox gamer with a passion for all things gaming.

  • She play the likes of Call of Duty -

  • Pubg -

  • Apex Legends - but does enjoy the occasional story mode game or jump scare :)

  • Sarah also works closely with the Mental Health Foundation and raises money through donations which then goes directly to the Foundation <3

  • You will also find Sarah on facebook gaming as a Level Up Creator and also on various discords such as ‘ Community Stream Team ‘ and ‘ Darkness Divided ‘ Anymore information wanted about them please do not hesitate to ask :-)

Sit back, relax and enjoy the best bot movements EU <3