Education Live Stream!

Education Live Stream!
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About DocReo's Stream

I encourage creators to achieve goals. LXDesigner, Producer, Media Coach, Army Veteran & Scholar. Find Me on Clubhouse, DM Me or Msg Me at 310.844.9285

Welcome to the Doc Reo TV.

Here are some basic rules for this channel. Please do your best to follow them!

  • Absolutely No Racism - However, Intellectual conversations about race are encouraged.
  • Do Not argue about religion or politics. - Agree to disagree and respect each other’s beliefs.
  • No discrimination of any kind. - Respect other’s age, weight, sex, lifestyle, abilities, and disabilities.
  • Once again, treat others with respect. Do not insult or attack another member of the chat.
  • Listen to the moderators. They hold the keys to the chat.
  • Message a moderator if you have issues, questions, or concerns.
  • And don’t forget to smile and have fun. It will always make your day brighter.

We hope you enjoy the show.