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Here some quick facts about me:
1. I have been streaming for 5 years on various platforms with less than moderate success, currently on Twitch
2. Former Pro PUBGM player in ESL for Omnipotent Gaming; Founded the Competitive Team
3. I play mostly FPS Titles like Halo and CoD 4. I am a huge fan of Fighting, BR and JRPGs!
5. I am originally from NYC; Yep our 🍕 is 💯 and 🍍 doesn’t belong on it!

Don't EVER put Pineapple on a Good NYC Slice!

6. I’m Old as Dirt; Born 1976; Married with Children!
7. US Army Veteran - Chief Warrant Officer 2

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If you like engagement that’s me! Game Skills are Moderate; but the Hype is 💯 So enjoy my NYC accent; my community first mentality and have fun!
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