I’ve been streaming since Starcraft 2 was in beta.

It has not been a smooth ride, but starting off as a local broadcaster for SC2, I created a local competitive league that traveled to different LAN centers in the New England area. After 2.5 years and a partnered Twitch channel, it was time to expand. 8 more partnered channels and everything cam crashing down only 6 months later.

I forfeited those partnered channels and still feel it was the correct move. After that, I focused on making sure my family had food on the table and donated a portion of my time to run the LANFest streaming team. Following a 4 years stint there, I have decided to focus on myself and that is where we are today.

I’m now living my full life as the real me (she/her) and loving the joy of sharing my gaming experience with you!

Vs Evil

I am a member of the Versus Evil Heralds which is an influencer program where we champion their various indie titles. You’ll likely see me playing & creating content for these indie games & I’d love for you to check them out. Head over to their Steam page where you can view their current & upcoming titles.

Louise Unique Jewelry

All of the jewelry featured on stream was custom made and there is no identical piece. Head on over to Louise Unique to find the piece right for you.