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OH HAI! I’ve been streaming for a few years. I started on TWITCH, moved to MIXER (RIP) and settled in on DLive. I do want to build my Glimish community and eventually just stream here. I play a lots of “Zombie” based stuff and some RETRO games.

  • i9-10900k OC 4.2GHz on water (30c idle - 55c load)
  • 128 GB DDR4
  • EVGA GTX 1080
  • Swiftpoint Z mouse
  • Custom Poker 2 -white led- cherry red
  • Azeron Keypad
  • GoXlr
  • ART MPA Gold 2 Channel Preamp
  • Shure SM7B vocal Microphone
  • AKG K712 PRO Headset
  • Razer Kiyo Pro
  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C930