hi my name is edallical, been an gamer all my life, played consoles till 04 then got into pc gaming that year and never looked back. and its been an blast! I have an love of 80s stuff and miss the 90s, I play sim games like ats and euro truck simulator, and love rpgs and do an variety of games, little retro and an variety of themes so come on down say hi and ill share my love of gaming see ya soon lol

Monday- 5pm to 8pm pacific time 
Tuesday- 6pm to 9pm pacific time 
Friday- 6pm to 9pm pacific time  
Saturday- 6pm to 9pm pacific time 
Sunday-   6pm to 9pm pacific time 

 **PC specs** 

 0. core 15 9600k
 1. Asus z390f strix motherboard
 2. 32gb of corsair dominator pro rgb ram 
 3. NVidia  RTX 2060  msi twin forza
 4. corsair h100i crytex  aio 
 5.  corsair 220t air flow case
 6. corsair k65 Mini RGB keyboard
 7.  2x Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 144hrz gaming monitors 
 8. corsair 850i power supply 
 9.  corsair  M55 RGB PRO  mouse 
 10. Corsair m800 RGB mouse pad 

 ***Stream gear****
 1. elgato stream deck xl
 2. elgato key lights 
 3. rode podmic xlr microphone 
 4. Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee headphones 
 5. elgato Face cam 1080p 60fs web cam 
 6. elgato green screen 
 7. elgato wave arm mice arm 
 8. elgato wave xlr 

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Chat commands

!games !bezos !eastwood !ho !mullet !raw !subhype !merch !blame !evil !honk !playlist !rick !tractor !discord !bruh !fish !know !pork !raw !truck !dge !combo !fus !lurk !power !roll !vroom !9000 !dab !gas !maniac !punch !roxbury !xmen !bandit !daytona !glory !moon !rangers !sax !xp !base !dino !hello !mow !rave !shitter !wash !shake