hi I’m edallical, pc gamer, been pc gaming for an long time love it, started on twitch for streaming then did mixer for an time cant wait to be an part of this new venture on glimesh I was born in the 80s and love the 90s and have an high infinity for the era and miss the 90s lol I’m here to meet new people, have an good all time, and make cheesy puns and an pop culture references, I play American truck simulator and euro truck sim as well and other games and when im not pretend trucking I have an another theme too so even though I’m not the best at games I look bad ass doing it.

Mondays-  off
Tuesdays - 6pm to  9pm pacific time
Wednesdays-  off
Thursdays-  off
Fridays -  off 
Saturdays-  6pm to 9pm Pacific time
Sundays-  6pm to 10pm Pacific time 

  1. be kind to your fellow members of the community
  2. no politics
  3. nothing offensive in an chat keep it clean
  4. have fun
  5. no promoting unless I give permission
  6. I do not play with viewers mostly play with my friends and community members
  7. must be 18+ to be in my channel

pccore 15 9600k

  1. Asus z390f strix motherboard
  2. 32gb of corsair dominator pro rgb ram
  3. NVidia RTX 2060 msi twin forza
  4. corsair h100i crytex aio
  5. corsair 220t air flow case
  6. corsair strife mk2 keyboard
  7. 2x Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 144hrz gaming monitors
  8. corsair 850i power supply
  9. corsair glave rgb mouse

Stream gear

  1. elgato stream deck xl
  2. elgato key lights
  3. elgato green screen
  4. elagto wave one micophone
  5. Sennheiser epos game one headset
  6. avermedia cam 513 4k webcam
  7. gunner mavericks uv/blue light shades

affiliate of rouge energy use discount code RGB https://rogueenergy.com

Merch store https://teespring.com/stores/edallicals-merch-store