Gaming The NUMBER ONE League Player of not caring what build I use

Gaming The NUMBER ONE League Player of not caring what build I use
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NickPheonix 02:46:29 :
it saves time making clips
NickPheonix 02:47:13 :
he is good
NickPheonix 02:48:17 :
alright I'm off to bed
NickPheonix 02:48:22 :
you have a good night
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About Eternalkaz's Stream

I’m Kaz, my first video game I played that I can remember was Super Mario World on the SNES when I was probably around 4. I’m here to try and entertain you but I’m also here on a journey. I read a lot of self-help and business books, listen to educational youtube videos and listen to business/growth podcasts, so I may have some knowledge that can help you, which I want to do while I play games.

If you have a goal, let me know what it is in chat. We’re all on a journey, and I hope you will join me (The Wolf Pack) so we can work on our journeys together!

I’m working towards building a foundation for myself and try to help others build their own foundation as well. I’ve come to find I really enjoy giving people advice. If I have the knowledge to help, I want to help. Although it may not be the way you want me to help you all the time, I will do my best to find resources for both of us to grow in whatever journey we’re on.

1.Absolutely no drama is needed here. Keep it elsewhere. Continuous breach of this rule will result in a ban.

2.Keep swear words to a minimum. I also tend to swear sometimes but I do my best to not do that. I expect the same from you.

3.Be nice to each other. I’m building this community with your help to empower one another to work towards the journey you’ve set out for yourself. There’s no need to bring others down for you to go up. We all can go up together as a pack.

4.No self promotion. Not because I don’t want myself or other people to support your stream or goals but because you deserve to work for it yourself. If you try to take the easy path you’ll regret it later.