I’m Kaz, my first video game I played that I can remember was Super Mario World on the SNES when I was probably around 4. I’m here to try and entertain you but I’m also here on a journey. I read a lot of self-help and business books, listen to educational youtube videos and listen to business/growth podcasts, so I may have some knowledge that can help you, which I want to do while I play games.

If you have a goal, let me know what it is in chat. We’re all on a journey, and I hope you will join me (The Wolf Pack) so we can work on our journeys together!

I’m working towards building a foundation for myself and try to help others build their own foundation as well. I’ve come to find I really enjoy giving people advice. If I have the knowledge to help, I want to help. Although it may not be the way you want me to help you all the time, I will do my best to find resources for both of us to grow in whatever journey we’re on.