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Why hello there! If you’re reading this, we haven’t yet been properly introduced. Let’s go ahead and fix this problem shall we?

Useful information about me is listed below:

  • I’m 22 years old
  • I’m a furry
  • I’m a massive fan of sandbox games
  • I like to build creations with high LoD.

Whoa there Eager Kitsune! We need you to agree to our rules before entering our skulk. Don’t worry, we’re as transparent as it comes:

The following actions violate our rules:

  • Discrimination, Harassment, and Hate Speech
  • Spam or Advertising
  • Discussion of Religion and Politics
  • Illegal Sexual Humor
  • Mentions of Real Names or Personal Info
  • Any Glimesh or Trovo TOS Violations

In addition, while we’re an 18+ Stream, we will not ban users under 18. However we will ban and report users under 13 in accordance to TOS.

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I play quite a lot of games, and expand the list quite regularly. Below is a comprehensive guide of what I play.

  • SimCity [1989-2013]
  • The Sims [2000-]
  • Postal [1997-]
  • Bejeweled 2 [2004]
  • Plague Inc [2012]
  • Game Dev Tycoon [2012]
  • Cities: Skylines [2015]
  • YouTubers Life [2016]

I stream daily, in the late evenings. There is also a different game each time, so be sure to check back regularly:


  • Sunday: Cities Skylines - 8PM-11PM EST
  • Monday: Minecraft - 8PM-11PM EST
  • Tuesday: SimCity 4 - 8PM-11PM EST
  • Wednesday: Minecraft - 8PM-11PM EST
  • Thursday: The Sims 2 - 8PM-11PM EST
  • Friday: Minecraft - 8PM-11PM EST
  • Saturday: TheoTown - 8PM-11PM EST