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Welcome to the NEW Totally Random Game Streams!

With the roll-out of this new platform for streaming, I am looking forward to sharing the things I enjoy with all of you who happen to stumble across my little pocket here!

I am a gamer, obviously, with old-school being my thing. In time as I get better placed and figure things out, I may even pull up some old retro games as well, going back to the FIRST system I ever owned (and own again, squee!) and adding in systems I own as we go along! But for now, I’ll be running PC games such as FFXIV, Phasmo, Valheim, and more for your amusement!

Stick around!

Oh! I have a Tip Jar, folks! Please feel free to gimme tips, although no pressure to do so. It just shows that others think I’m doing a fair job here ^^; And I have a Youtube channel for recordings at, so feel free to go check things out! (yeah, I know there’s an option above for things, but it doesn’t wanna play nice :P )