🎥 Glimovies

Glimovies is a collection of openly licensed video content to be used as test streaming material.


Open a pull request against this file with your submission added as a table entry below.

Your content should have an open, royalty-free license (such as Creative Commons) or be public domain.

Please include a link in the title cell to a resource that allows downloading the asset in the format you specify.

Please avoid self-promotion - this content is for testing purposes, not to drive engagement.


Title License Codec Bitrate Frame Size Frame Rate
Big Buck Bunny CC BY 3.0 H264 ~4000kbps 1920x1080 60fps
Sintel CC BY 3.0 H264 ~10000kbps 1920x818 24fps
Tears of Steel CC BY 3.0 H265 ~10000kbps 1920x800 24fps