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About GoreGamer's Stream

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the Single

Greetings infected Gamers I am the GoreGamer and today I’m going to be
tying out my about section. I have been Content creating for about 15 years
and going by only a few names. I landed on GoreGamer and fell in love with
the name so I decided to stick with it. I moved from my child hood city of
San Diego to San Antonio recently but unfortunately in the process all of
my Computer, Gaming and Audio equipment were stolen. This was about $15,000
worth of goods. My plan was as soon as I got moved it was to hit the ground
running but with this setback it took the wind out of my sails. Now that
I’ve managed to get a few things I’m looking to put on a show.

The Rules

The Rules INFO


If you read the above in the about section then you saw where everything
was taken. The below is a PC that is within a 90% certainty that the below
will be the PC that I will be Building.

Gaming PC
  • Processor:
    • Intel Core i9-12900KS
  • Graphics Card:
  • Motherboard:
    • MSI Z690 EDGE WIFI D4
  • Memory:
    • 64GB MUSHKIN DDR4 3600MHz CL16 (2x32GB)
  • Power Supply:
    • EVGA 1200W

When Will I go Live?

As of yet my streaming schedule is sporadic due to My personal Life getting
crazy. I have put things in place in order to ensure I can get back to a regular
streaming schedule.


  • Monday: 6:00PM - 9:00PM
  • Tuesday: OFF
  • Wednesday: 6:00PM - 9:00PM
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: 6:00PM - 9:00PM (GRWG/GoreLine)
Fridays will be Every other

I don’t schedule myself on weekends but If i have free time and nothing
else to do I may turn on the stream. You never now So follow the Channel to
be notified when I go Live!

  • Saturday: OPEN
  • Sunday: OPEN

Social Media

I don’t really have a large presence on Social Media. I try to announce
when I go Live but as far for now its just me reacting to other peoples
Tweets or Reactions. Be sure to follow GoreGamer on the following
Media outlets!!!

I am on Instagram the most out of all the Social Media platforms. I do like
it over the others but the Fortnite Freaks are getting out of hand on
Instagram. But I like it above all others at the moment.
Follow my Instagram.

I don’t really have Much of a Facebook but in case you wanted to Follow and
Like my Facebook page Here it is! Facebook

I am attempting to came back to Using Twitter more and more. Unfortunately
in this day in age Social media including Twitter is becoming more of a
Political battleground.
Follow me on Twitter

I don’t plan on adding anymore content to my YouTube Channel. YouTube has a
YouTube problem. Before I add more content to it they need to Fix it.
Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Will Be updated Soon

The Casket Crew

The Casket Crew

When joining the Casket Crew you will begin to ascend in Horde Rank
while the stream is online. There will also be the ability to Prestige as
you hit top level ranking. When you opt to Prestige all points and rank
will reset but you gain a higher status in the Channel.

50 ranks are in the works and will reflect the GoreGamer Show and the Casket Crew look and feel.

Getting Real with Gore

Getting Real With Gore

This is a new show that will NOT interrupt the current game being played
but will focus rather on individuals seeking Gores Advice.
Gore has a vast knowledge when it comes to many of life’s most hardest

Feel free to ask the following
  • Girls
  • Getting Married
  • Getting a Divorce
  • How to Deal with a Crazy Ex
  • Aliens
  • The Chupacabra
  • Bullies
  • The Bubonic Plague

No topic too Small^Big^ for Gore to address…


Buy GoreGamer Glimesh Booster packs!

Glimesh Booster 3 Pack SPACE Glimesh Booster 5 Pack SPACE Glimesh Booster 10 Pack
Booster Packs you have a chance of getting

  • Display an on screen image.
  • Consumable Commands
  • Channel Currency
  • Channel Statuses
  • Limited items
  • Channel Intros
    • Pending Glimesh support
Support links will follow

On the Horizon

On the horizon

In this section I lay out what is on the docket to be either worked on or implemented.

Working On
  • Revamping all art to reflect Glimesh
  • Commissioning Art and other assets to reflect Glimesh
  • Working on getting a (more like any) stream up and running
  • Recovering Mixit Up back up for commands conversion to Glimesh including all subsequential updates from July 2020 - present day
  • Breaking Stream down into Seasons
  • Adding a “Streamer Season” Pass
  • Updating Mixit Up commands for Streamlined Streaming
  • Adding Assets in Mixit Up and OBS Studio that match Pixel for Pixel scenes and transitions.
  • Traveling Merchant - A once an hour Merchant that comes and sells exclusive limited use commands for you to use in Chat.
  • Viewer activated Change of scenes.
  • Working Casino
    • Cheater system for this Casino
Down the Road
  • A “Gore+” App that will allow direct Support and revenue stream to
    further advance the show, and allow direct communication with The Casket Crew

The Rules

👉 -Rules- 👈
🧟 No harassment. Zero. None 🧟
🧟 Be respectful of everyone 🧟
🧟 Limit your negativity. We’re here to have fun 🧟
🧟 Trolls will be banned swiftly. No warnings 🧟
🧟 Wanna be Mod? Don’t ask me. I’ll ask you 🧟
🧟 Ask to post links in chat. Mods and Regs may post freely 🧟

It’s my goal to provide an entertaining channel for everyone to enjoy, free from the bad behavior that you so often see on the internet. Keep things classy, and in good taste!


Q. Are you Music Or Gaming Channel?
A. Technically both, Currently I don’t have a powerful enough setup to Stream Games or even have a “Gaming Setup”. I use a Service called Shadow that allows me to connect to gaming computer in the Cloud.

Q. So will you be going 24/7?
A. Yes and No. Believe it or not many people have a hard time understanding what I’m about to inform. When Its my Scheduled time for streaming I will be Streaming the agreed title. When I am not scheduled to be on in the meantime there will be Controllable Music till I’m scheduled to go live again.

So yes in hindsight I will be 24/7 or close to it.

Q. Are you Exclusive to Glimesh?
A. Also Yes and no. I will be going live on as many platforms as humanly possible but all my focus and commands will be Glimesh exclusive. When attempting to use commands on another platform it will prompt the user “Glimesh Command Only”. Until Glimesh has VODs this will remain the case.