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Glad To Be Apart Of Glimesh :) . I am Glad To Say Glimesh Is My New Streaming Home <3 Hope To See You Guys An Build Genuine Connections With Fellow Streaming Buddies. I’m A Little Antisocial Laid Back But A Friend For Life. Always Down To Game, Hop In If You Want To Or If You Want To Run Sometime Let Me Know Just Invite Me To The Game <3

Zombies Goddess<3 Warframer Plants vs Zombies, I Play Variety Of Games. Switch Games At Random Sorry Guys

Socially Awkward, Don’t Really Fit In Nor Try To. Im Just Me. Sorry Not Sorry. I Don’t Bite, You Can Talk To Me

Current setup

  • MacBook Pro 2014

  • Yeti X

  • Elgato HD60 S

All donos will go into improving the stream, making the stream better for you guys

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Epic Games Code: ZIAMOND