This is the Halfway House

A House made for gaming heathens like us. We huddle together in our gamer caves chanting for virtual blood. We demand the highest form of loyalty from our subjects whilst exercising great compassion. Any who stands in our way will just be absorbed and cleansed by the masses. Headshots result in badges of honor and teabags are to be practiced by every member of the team in attempts to reach synchronization. We are the many, often represented by one. We may look alone, but we know a halfway heathen lurks around every corner waiting for the next match to start.

House rules:

Shoot first - questions later Tea bags are not mandatory but will be praised. Backseat gaming is ok to a certain point (Don’t overdo it to the point where I’m playing the game your way) Any knowledge of funny/interesting videos that can be found on youtube must be shared. All weapons are to be holstered when entering and staying here. (don’t attack each other)

Most importantly - Stay Classy


Your benevolent host - HalfwayVinny

(side note - The halfway in halfwayvinny doesn’t stand for anything special yet… so stop asking lol)