Gaming おはよう世界 Good Morning World

おはよう世界 Good Morning World
Destiny 2 Chill
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JoeTheChode 10:26:30 :
Won't be long lol. I'll be up in 3 hours to take the trash out
JoeTheChode 10:26:50 :
Hope the stream goes well and enjoy the story
Berri 10:30:43 :
oof yah them frames xD
Berri 10:38:47 :
got meetings for the next couple of hours so gunna have to bounce. Enjoy! Catch ya later :D
Heiwa 11:00:40 :
Kids are up calling it a day. Thanks for stopping by!

About Heiwa's Stream

Welcome to my profile. This space is mine.

I am an aspiring Glimesh streamer. My main games are FPS shooters specifically Overwatch. At the moment I am without streaming gear so for now I am trying to help contribute to Glimesh in whatever way possible.

Thanks for stopping by.

I need panels….

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