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About Me

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I started my streaming journey on Twitch in 2015. I streamed there for 3 years before moving to Beam, which shortly thereafter became Mixer. I streamed on Mixer for two years before it’s ultimate demise. But we adapted and moved on. Along this journey I’ve met a ton of great people I consider friends! I love playing with my community! I try to include as many multiplayer games as possible. I do love playing RPG’s, looter shooters, and some competitive games. One of my favorite games is Rocket League! I also love anything PVE related. I’m not a huge fan of PVP-centric games. I’m a goofball! I love to have fun, so tell me a joke! Odds are I’ll probably laugh at it lol.


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Did you know I am also on Twitch? If you didn’t, now you do! So do me a big favor and slap that follow button over there as well! Twitch is the primary location for HellionTV, but don’t fret. We love Glimesh as well! <3


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You say you love the Immortal Army already? Then we have news for you! We have an awesome TEAM of folks that support each other already! The Immortal Army Stream Team! Just click the team link below and hang out with them!

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