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On an epic quest to beat all the games I’ve accumulated over the years.

about me

Hello, thanks for stopping by! I’m a casual streamer from Italy, you can call me An.

Some time ago I set a goal for myself: to “clean up” my game library, which over the years has become overloaded with titles thanks to a mix of passion and poor decisions.

As of today, it has its fair share of great games, classics, hidden gems, games I didn’t even know existed, and the inevitable trash you’re bound to find sitting in some dark corner of your library.

Anyway, to make things a little more interesting, I recently decided to challenge myself by streaming my gaming sessions.

Feel free to stop by, have a chat or just silently judge me while I struggle to complete a game in double the time it usually takes.

  • I’m currently playing

My library varies greatly, so I’ll stream different types of games. There should be quite some retro stuff. The ones I generally tend to avoid are Horror and Online Games.

I also have a “one game at a time” rule, so I will be primarily focusing on a single title until I beat it.

Finally, I don’t have a capture card for some of my devices (most notably DS and 3DS), so if I happen to be playing a game for those systems, I might not be streaming as much. Sorry!

  • No spoilers or hints unless I ask. If you think your hint could make the game more enjoyable, try asking by mentioning it in a generic way first (“There’s an easter egg hidden in this zone that’s pretty hard to find, would you like me to help you find it?”).
  • “Quality of life” tips are allowed, i.e. game settings/recommended builds/inventory management/shortcut keys/side quests that will stop being available after a certain point, etc.
  • Don’t be rude to me or other viewers.
  • No political/religious stuff.
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia, slurs, etc.
  • No self promotion or spamming.
  • Thank you and have fun!
  • Extra: English isn’t my native language, so please be patient if at times it takes me a bit to recall certain words, or their pronunciation is completely wrong. Don’t be afraid to correct me when that happens.

I stream for fun, so I don’t have a schedule at the moment.