About Me

Yoooo! I’m Kyle. I’m a 25-year-old computer scientist from Chicago, IL. I enjoy anything creative, but photography, video games, anime, and film win my heart most of all. Books are cool too I guess, but reading is for losers.

I’m a variety streamer! That means I play a ton of different games. I tend to gravitate towards FPS games often, but we play other types of games as well.

Some fun facts:

  • I was the first EVER streamer on Glimesh! We raised almost $4,000 for The Trevor Project, and it was easily one of my favorite experiences so far as a streamer.
  • I spent many years in the competitive League of Legends scene as a coach and team manager! I’ve probably worked with some of your favorite pros.
  • Before streaming, I was a YouTuber. I got to tour across the US because of it. Party!


There really aren’t many rules here. As a delinquent myself, I understand that rules suck. Just don’t be rude to people, don’t spam (too much), and don’t post questionable links. Mods and VIPs are up to lose their status if they don’t show up in over a week. That’s it.


AI TTS voices are enabled for donations of $5 and above! More info here: https://tts.monster/kyle_xcvi