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About Me

Hey! I’m IKAROS, or Kyle. I’m a 23 year old computer scientist from Chicago, IL. I enjoy anything creative, but I do particularly enjoy video games, anime, and film. Books are cool too.

I’m a variety streamer! That means I play a ton of different games. I tend to gravitate towards FPS games often, but we play other types of games as well.

Some fun facts:

  • I was the first EVER streamer on Glimesh! We raised almost $4,000 for The Trevor Project, and it was easily one of my favorite experiences so far as a streamer.
  • I spent many years in the competitive League of Legends scene as a coach and team manager! I’ve probably worked with some of your favorite pros.
  • I run an eSports org! It’s called Azure Blaze and it’s pretty dope.
  • Before streaming, I was a YouTuber. I got to tour across the US because of it. Party!

📧 Business eMail - [email protected]