Gaming #38 - Losing RP is kinda my thing - Happy Friday All

Gaming #38 - Losing RP is kinda my thing - Happy Friday All
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RustyPuffs: 17:27:13
It's not doing anything for me?
RustyPuffs: 17:27:35
Okay it's back now
RustyPuffs: 17:27:52
Had to refresh like 20 times 😂😂
HaytonsGB: 17:29:09
bye babe
RustyPuffs: 17:29:15
See you tomorrow

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I love to hike, explore new places and take photos along the way (INSERT NOOB PHOTOGRAPHER WARNING HERE). I post these to Insta and I plan to get more consistent with this as and when we get ungrounded again (F You Rona)

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