Generic Intro

Hey, I’m Ino. Any pronouns are fine. I mostly play open source games, though I might play the occasional exception. I’ve touched Godot a little bit, and I play a lot of romance games. My current problems with Glimesh are that I’m following too many streamers, and can’t watch them all (on a serious note - been enjoying the platform, waiting for the app like most of us, though once again once my PC specs go up, expect a lot more content on the video side of things and streams becoming less frequent). Once I set up donos, first priorities stream wise are probably getting an xlr mic setup, and sound treating my room. Account is owned by big FOSS, self-proclaimed leader of the FOSS cult.

Tl;Dr: The weirdo who watches way too many glimesh streams, plus games way too much. [WIP intro]

Stream schedule

[Will be setup in a few weeks time]

Social Media

Whilst I don’t use twitter or anything of the like, you can check me out on (though I have no posts on any of these accounts yet). I also have an Odysee account but dont have any channels set-up as I’ll mostly only be backing up my content there (more content probably on those once I get around to upgrading my PC) ElementivivPeertubeMastodonFapsi

Overlays from this lovely channel:

Working on a vtuber model soon, though for now it’s gonna be faceless streams.