Hey there, we are Centrifuge and we make games and other interactive stream tech. You might know us as the team behind Interference - the drawing and describing game. Join us for live drawing, interactive quiz shows, and all kinds of other fun! Interact with the stream by going to ifx.tv on your phone or tablet!

Zeitgeist - The live interactive quiz

Zeitgeist is like a TV quiz show, but instead of shouting your answers at the screen you can play along against the rest of the audience, competing for points and places on the leaderboard.

We’ll be asking multiple choice questions - just use your phone to select the right answer: we’ll give you 10 points if you’re right and a bonus point if you’re the fastest correct answer.

How to play

Head to ifx.tv on your phone, tablet or even just another browser window, press the Zeitgeist link and sign in with your Glimesh account so we know who you are. When you press the “Join quiz” button we’ll shout you out and you’ll start to see the questions and answers appear on your phone as we’re asking them. As soon as you know the answer just smash that button - you don’t need to wait for us to read them all out.

Want to be a featured artist?

The rounds on Zeitgeist are inspired by the week’s drawings on Interference - the drawing and describing game. Join in at playinterference.com (or search for Interference in your app store) and you might be a featured artist on the next show.

Get detailed quiz stats

After the show is over you’ll be able to find leaderboards and player statistics (like best/worst round and average answer times) at playinterference.com/quiz

Get social with us

Join us on Discord at discord.gg/centrifuge and on Twitter at twitter.com/playifx