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About Hi! Thanks for checking out the channel! My name is Cameron, but you can call me Coozie. I am 25 years old. After being at this streaming thing for 3+ years and countless hours of streaming, research, etc to try and make this a career, I have decided to slow down a bit and just stream as a hobby so that I can better balance my love for music as well as gaming. My hope is that when you are in chat you feel welcomed, valued, and have a sense of belonging. My goal when I stream isn’t to be the best gamer, but to rather engage with you in chat as much as possible! I hope you enjoy your time here and I’ll catch you on the next stream! I stream a variety of games, as well as some IRL/Podcast type stuff, but I also have a love for music, especially metalcore. Welcome to The Cooler, the best community here on Glimesh!

No schedule as of now, but if things pick up I will stream more regularly :)

My Specs: Gaming PC -Ryzen 7 2700x -EVGA Geforce 2080 Super -16 gb RAM (Corsair Vengance RGB) -1 TB SSD -500 GB SSD -250 GB m.2 SSD -850w Apevia Prestige 80+ Gold PSU -AsRock B450 Fatality Mobo -Rosewill ATX Mid Tower

Periphrials (Gaming PC) -Sony Dualshock 4 controller w/ Kontrol Freek FPS infernos & Sony Back Button Attachment -Corsair K55 RGB -Corsair Harpoon -Spectre 144 Hz 27” Monitor -Elgato HD60 ext capture Card

Streaming PC -Ryzen 3 3200g -Nvidia GeForce 1060 -16 GB Ram (Corsair Vengence) -1TB SSD -250 GB SSD -600w 80+ Bronze EVGA 600br PSU -AsRock B450 Fatality MoBo -Rosewill Nautilus case

Periphrials (Stream PC) -Viotek 100hz 34” Curved Monitor -Onn 60hz 22” Monitor -….generic wireless mouse…and keyboard….smile. -Logitech c922 Cam

A bit of a disclaimer. I started with just a console and a phone to stream with. The items listed above are things that have accumulated over time with research and support from the Cooler!

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