Gaming Slaypex and Hackzone with xxRadioGaGaxx

Gaming Slaypex and Hackzone with xxRadioGaGaxx
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Berri 19:38:49 :
oof that queue!
ItsJustChris 19:39:10 :
its tragic
Berri 19:39:24 :
wasn't reset yesterday?
ItsJustChris 19:39:37 :
yep and iron banner is on
Berri 19:39:55 :
Ahhh I didnt realise Banner was back, that explains it!

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caveat - if I am gaming with my son then family rules apply

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2 | Act your age, I have zero tolerance for the drama of people I don’t know.

3 | If you are easily offended go somewhere else. I am blunt and to the point, not everyone can handle that.

and the golden rule that works in all situations of life

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