Update 1-8-23: New Digs. New setup, playing with the cameras to see what the best view might be. stay Tuned

Version 0.47 - CS :://Make A Short Code to follow Versions\chronology//:: Prototype: V0.47/222212=NHS

Update 12-22-22: Their house has been reorganized! The cold prompted the need to be able to keep the pigs warm so they got a whole new setup. I kept the camera’s in mind this time so I hope they are seen wherever they may be at.

Some of them may act skittish for awhile until they get used to the new home. Others don’t care and Coco is always afraid.

I build things and promote things. Currently I’m working on building a local influencer network. Now the neat thing is you don’t have to actually live here to work here. If you have content that my town enjoys, I want you. The main idea is that we trade advertising and promotions locally. Meaning, you provide market inventory and we make you locally famous. There are around 12,000 people I am trying to entertain specifically and nearly 100,000 in the expanded market (or more depending on who we want to pick a fight with)

If you are interested, send an email to hello@kofo.com with your pitch.

Also, I intend to stick with Glimesh as well. I feel like the small business’ world should stick together. And I am working on a pitch to sell promoting Glimesh specifically as the local streaming partner of my town and my station.

But I’m 1 guy with a lot a passion, 3 children, 5 pigs and a radio station I help run.

Side note: I’m terrible at actually remembering to promote myself but I’m currently developing a local media hub at ottawaks.us. I am the web site admin.


Interaction with Loot Cards

  • Sounds To Excite the Pigs (Wheeking/Plastic Bag sounds)
  • Physical Hay Rustler (To get them to go to their hay box and eat/so you can get their attention without me)
  • Food Dropper (To feed them veggie ‘treats’)
  • Multi-color LED Lights (To change the light color/level)
  • Moving Camera (To move the camera although this might be given as a permission for a chat bot to subscribers etcetera)
  • Switch Camera (To look elsewhere)
  • Blow Up Camera (To make one camera fill the screen temporarily)

How else would you like to interact with your real virtual Guinea Pig Herd? \

Speaking of which you probably want to know their names and stories lol…duh. Stories are fun. So I need to add HD pics and stories. I also plan to get more pigs but it’s costly and can be time consuming (Which is actually where you come in) so it’s a slow process but I hope making a real virtual pet out of them will help me in this goal.


Hello, I hope this finds you well. As for this channel, well it is intend to be a development, a production of a production of a development. And you might ask what that means, I’m not sure yet but watch and possibly make a choice or too as I build new interactive models.

Cheers, SXT

(It’s boring in this description, we need color)

Action Times for Pigs:

Around 7 am - Breakfast

Noon - Lunch

Around 5 pm - Dinner