Hi, my name is James of JamesPlaysX. Great to meet you! I love to play games from retro to modern. but I love to engage with you all as well! Ive been creating content since late 2007 starting on youtube. Then changed to live streaming in 2010 on and off until I was finally able to live stream more consistently starting in late 2015. Been thru Twitch, Youtube gaming, Hitbox, Beam aka Mixer. Mixer I became a partner in Feb 27 2019. Mixer was the place I was at from 2016 to the end of life in July 2020. Lost my way for a bit but I am excited for this new adventure.

I hope you enjoy yourself here and if you enjoy what you see, it only costs free.99 to follow. Every follow means the world to me.

Subscriptions and donations are not needed. However if you decide to, I will cherish each and every one of them.

My goal ultimately is to put a smile on someone’s face. If I accomplish that, then I feel I did my job as a streamer.

Thanks for reading and stopping by!

If you wish to leave a tip here is the link, however tips are non refundable! https://streamlabs.com/jaystv2/tip