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Hi my name is JazdaGoddess but u could call me Jaz. Let me tell you stuff about me I am gamer thru and thru. I was born i could say this with a controller in my hand lol my father was the reason why i love video games. My very first console I remember was Super Nintendo known as for short (SNES). The games i played on that from super mario world, the legend of the zelda: a link to the past, super metroid, yoshi’s land, street fighter 2, and the list go on and on. I am variety streamer but right now my game is Smite if you like MOBA then this is a game u will like to watch and play. I do love MMOs my very first was World of Warcraft known best as (WOW). If u like what u read hit that follow button and welcome you are now a olympian.


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8 GB AMD Radeon RX 560 Series GDDR5 3.50 gigahertz AMD Ryzen 3 2300X Quad-Core Processor.