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Hi there & Welcome to my channel, I’m here to make friends & have fun! I stream everyday from the UK usually 10/11am start Tuesday- Friday and 8/9pm start Monday - Saturday (check schedule as I am a mum of 4 and sometimes i need to change it for appointments, school plays & school holidays etc) I love to talk & make friends online, and due to disabilities I dont get out much, and if I do my anxiety prevents me from talking to people face to face.

So what is Kat’s Krew? And why does everyone wanna be a part of it? The answer is simple, why wouldn’t you? We are creating an online community that includes everyone from all walks of life, and together we spread positivity and raise money for charities and organisations, (all nominated and voted for by the community) Whilst having fun

So don’t forget to hit that follow, and follow my socials to keep up to date with what the community is doing next!

### Up and coming streams include:

  • Quiz/Trivia Nights,
  • Online Photo & Art Competition,
  • Streamer Support Saturdays/Sundays
  • Awareness Talks (Fibromyalgia, Autism, Cerebral Palsy/Hemiplegia, Domestic Violence, Anxiety & Depression, Discussing Taboo’s & many more)
  • Fundraising Friday’s (Charities & Organisations Nominated & Voted for by the community, ~ Larger Advertised Charity Streams)
  • Open Lobby days ~ Playing games online with Friends, Followers & Fans
  • Sub Saturdays/Sundays for closed lobby day’s playing with the subs in the community.
  • Movie nights,
  • And much much more!

Hopefully see you in the next stream!

Till next time we meet ~ See Ya x

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