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Yogibudz 03:34:40 :
aight man i have to take a shower and i'll be back if you are still goiing :D
Yogibudz 03:34:44 :
Yogibudz 03:34:57 :
sewweeeet i'll see u in a bit haha
Yogibudz 03:35:03 :
I might actually download the demo and try it out
Yogibudz 03:36:15 :

About Kelm's Stream

  • Hey Guys! It’s me Kelm! Nice of you to stop by my channel. Here we play a variety of games like Apex Legends, Minecraft, Pokémon, and a bunch more!

  • Another fun fact is that I originally was on Mixer. Ah yes Mixer a great memory but that is where my streaming interest started taking off in 2018. After the shutdown we quickly packed our backs up and went to Facebook Gaming where I have spent the last couple of months at until I found a home that felt more like Mixer. Now we have discovered a site called Glimesh which I plan on making my new home.

  • I’m still trying to be that chatty person when no one is talking but I get so focused on games I forget but just come in say hi and lets chat! I have fun once I get started! Also we will keep up with what games we beat on the side when we’re are not grinding loot games, or shooters! So set back grab a snack or drink and relax with me! Hope to see all of ya stick around.

  1. Everyone Love Everyone
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  4. Have Fun :D